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Clan Name Index




Tartans in 100% Pure New Wool Worsted,
by Lochcarron of Scotland, The House of Edgar and Strathmore Woollens for Scotch Corner

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Baillie, Ancient
Baird, Ancient
Baird, Modern
Barclay Dress, Ancient
Barclay Dress Modern
Barclay Dress Muted
Barclay Hunting, Ancient
Barclay Hunting, Modern
Baru (Washable Tartan)
Bath (Washable Tartan)
Bedford Check (Washable Tartan)
Bell of the Borders
Beynon of Wales
Birrell, Ancient
Bisset, Ancient
Black Watch, Ancient
Black Watch, Modern
Black Watch Dress, Ancient
Black Watch Dress, Modern
Black Watch No.2, Modern
Black Watch, Weathered
Black Watch Large Check (Washable Tartan)
Black Watch Medium Check (Washable Tartan)
Blair, Ancient
Blair, Modern
Borthwck, Ancient
Borthwick, Modern
Borthwick Dress, Ancient
Borthwick Dress, Modern
Bowen of Wales
Bowie, Ancient
Boyd, Ancient
Boyd, Modern
Brady, Dress Blue
Brodie Hunting, Ancient
Brodie Hunting, Modern
Brodie Hunting, Weathered
Brodie Red, Ancient
Brodie Red,Modern
Bruce, Ancient
Bruce, Modern
Bruce, Muted
Bruce of Kincaid, Ancient
Buchan, Ancient (Non Centering Tartan)
Buchan, Modern (Non Centering Tartan)
Buchan, Weathered (Non Centering Tartan)
Buchanan, Ancient (Non Centering Tartan)
Buchanan, Modern (Non Centering Tartan)
Buchanan, Modern (Washable Tartan)
Buchanan, Muted (Non Centering Tartan)
Buchanan Hunting, Ancient
Buchanan Hunting, Modern (Non Centering Tartan)
Buchanan Hunting, Muted
Buchanan Old, Ancient
Buchanan Old, Muted
Buchanan Old, Weathered
Buchanan Old Dress, Ancient
Buchanan, Reproduction (Non Centering Tartan)
Buccleuch (Washable Tartan)
Burnett, Ancient
Burnett, Modern
Burnett, Weathered
Burns Check, Ancient

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